this is not my home

You are not allowed to feel my guilt.

otp challenge: [3/3] fights

If it had been you at the bridge last night, and not Stefan, and I begged you to save Matt…

Elena Gilbert + Things

I was with Beth. We got out together. I was with her for a while. Is she dead? She’s just… g o n e

5 favourite songs of season 5 (as voted by my followers)

3. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (5x14)


when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u


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twd ladies meme + favorite minor/recurring female character: beth greene

"I’m not Michone, I’m not Carol, I’m not Maggie.  I survived and you don’t get it because I’m not like you, or them.  But I made it!"

Just one more thing. I kill Snow.


funny story: this scene was actually improvised. the script originally called for pikachu to roll over onto his side and deliver a line that went “good battling today ash. can we get ihop in the morning?” but during filming, pikachu started thinking about how his real life trainer never hugged him and also will smith’s dad, so he delivered this amazing performance all off the top of his head. the animator was like whoa wtf. what a brilliant moment.

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Ouat Meme

1/9 Episodes

1x01 “pilot”