we are the walking dead
“The second we put a bullet in the head of one of these undead monsters, the moment one of us drove a hammer into one of their faces, or cut a head off, we became what we are! And that’s just it. That’s what this comes down to. You people don’t know what we are. We’re surrounded by the dead. We’re among them, and when we finally give up, we become them. We’re living on borrowed time here. Every minute of our life is a minute we steal from them. You see them out there, you know that when we die, we become them. You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead. Don’t you get it? We are the walking dead.” |

skins meme: four otps [4/4]: Sid and Cassie

"I don’t care if you think you’re odd, because I feel like singing when I see you, and you’re beautiful, and I’ve been such a fuckin’ chapstick these past few weeks, and all I want to do this morning is sit on top of Brandon hill and hold you and tell you how wonderful you are, and I love you."

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I had to… for science (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Yes anything in the name of science ;)

L A S T  H O P E 

here’s some advice. stay a l i v e

She won’t be able to handle it. The Games destroyed her.

Every Glee song ever 

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favourite pll outfits 
↳ hanna marin (season three) part 2/?

Part two of really heartbreaking Troian scenes that I can hardly stand to watch. 

                       If he wants me  b r o k e n,

                                          then I will have to be  w h o l e.

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that bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.